25 May 2011


the good thing about designers is that we're fearless. we take on problems like we have nothing to lose and we come up with innovative solutions. not a lot of other disciplines are fearless... most disciplines focus on knowing a lot about something in particular... they need to prove that they are experts in their area so they spend a long time in their area proving that they are experts in it ... they don't feel comfortable jumping to other areas because they don't know them too well. since designers tend to seat in the middle of multiple areas we assume that we know enough in those areas to start jumping from discipline to discipline. that process allows us to make connections that are integrated and unique.

the bad thing about designers is that we're fearless. too many times we end up proposing solutions without really understanding their consequences. we're so excited about making new, innovative connections that we forget to sit down to think about them long enough. at the end of the day, i think the good outweights the bad and i sleep better at night thinking that there are a bunch of fearless designers out there thinking about (among other things) how people can sleep better at night.


  1. I think this is exactly why collaboration is a designer's best friend. We may come up with hundreds of original ideas, but without the help of more focused teammates, we may lose our grounding.

  2. love it... bringing balance to the force!