10 September 2011

Taipei adventures

These are some pictures from a recent trip to Taipei. It was so interesting to see a completely different take on design, culture, environment and society. I was particularly impressed by the strong attention to culture and food.

(Captions left/right & up/down)
1- Temples filled with details, craftsmanship, incense scent and tradition
2- Hip nightclub? Nope... Lights at temples' altars
3- Beautiful offerings to the ghosts (soon to be set on fire)
4- No need for plastic lids. Cups are sealed with film :)
5- Practical baby holder for parents on the go... that need to go
6- Yes, she is everywhere
7- Modern architecture filled with meaningful forms and details
8- Such a simple, beautiful bench... so serene (and comfortable, too!)

9- Beautiful cardboard products
10- Ordinary catered lunches that look extraordinary
11- Different take on food-court meals
12- More modern architecture
13- Attention to detail down to the socks
14- Lamps being delivered for the ghost's day celebration
15- Larger-than-life cuteness found everywhere
16- Who said "training wheels" are just for kid's bicycles?
17- Wooden-pattern ceramic tile
18- Taxi driver watching a soap opera