16 April 2011

just good enough

there's something magical about muji... the simplicity of their designs... the harmony of their collections... the environmentally-responsible practices... the minimalist packaging. above all, there is their philosophy: just good enough. so simple, so effective, so good.

i still remember the first time that i heard about muji's 'just-good-enough' design approach. it surprised me that people were talking about it in positive notes. my experience with this notion had been a little bit different: many corporations also use the 'just-good-enough' approach, but more in terms of creating products cheap enough so that people want to buy them... reliable enough so that they barely pass certification tests... innovative enough so that marketing can sell them. it's really nice to see how a company can look at the glass half full and embrace such concept to elevate design and to make many people drool over clever products.

1 comment:

  1. "just good enough" varies between companies, perhaps MUJI's good is higher in quality than many other corporations, I expect definitely higher in Design quality.